Our spicy potatoes    5.45
Crunchy pieces of chicken with mediterranean sauce and mustard mayonnaise    6.95
Iberican croquettes, ham and cheese, squid or idiazabal cheese    6.45
A selection of 12 croquettes    8.95
Basque Country traditional fish soup    6.95
Fried eggs with mashed potatoes, tartara sauce and baby squids    7.45
Fried eggs with chips and iberican ham    7.75
Grilled mixed vegetables with romescu sauce    7.95
Squids with ali oli sauce    8.95
Filled fresh squids with two textures with herbs oil    9.95
Iberican ham with baked bread and natural tomatoes    12.45


Goat¬īs cheese salad with nuts, quince and honey vinaigrette¬† ¬† 8.25
Cod salad with avocado and Kalamata olives    8.45
Chicken cesar salad    8.45
Wild mushroom salad with idiazabal cheese and hazel nut dressing    8.95
Mix tomato salad with tuna steak   8.95


Beef bolognese spaghetti with herbs oil    7.95
Our lasagna bolognesa    7.95
Filled ravioli with porcini mushrooms and truffle sauce    8.75
Sauteed tagliatelle with mushroom sauce and low temperature egg    8.95
Wild mushroom risotto with local cheese    8.95
Creamy rice with prawns and squid    9.95


Tuna tartar with goat¬īs cheese and vegetables chips¬† ¬† 10.45
Tuna tataki with avocado and a mustard vinegar    10.95
Silver hake with a wild mushroom risotto    11.25
Grilled hake with sea food sauce, rocket and crunchy prawns    11.65
Salt Cod (the bay os Biscay style)    11.95
Gratinated cod with garlic cream and vegetables    11.95
Confited cod with seafood risotto   11.95
Grilled salmon with seasonal vegetables and mustard sauce    12.95


Burger with goat¬īs cheese, onions and red peppers¬† ¬† 8.95
Burger with rocket, parmesan cheese and tomato    8.95
Pork cheeks in a red wine sauce with creamy potatoes    9.95
Filled chicken with iberian ham and melted cheese    9.95
Marinated chicken with rocket, cherrys and parmesan salad    9.95
Wild boar with mashed potatoes truffe style    14.45
Duck breast with potatoes and roasted cherrys    14.45
Sirloin steak with potatoes and mix vegetables or cheese or wild mushroom sauce    14.95
Beef steak with mushrooms, aspargus and mustard sauce    14.95
Beef steak with chips and salad or cheese or mushroom sauce    15.95


Goxua (sponge cake with ice cream and caramelized custard)    4.65
Brownie with vanilla ice cream    4.85
For chocolate lovers    4.85
Hot apple and mascarpone cheese roll with vanilla ice cream    4.95
Cheese cake with almond ice cream    4.95
Warm chocolate coulant with cream ice cream    4.95
Mascarpone cheese tart with a red fruits soup    4.95
A selection of ice creams    4.25