PATATAS BRAVAS with alioli 6.95€
SEAFOOD CREAM tasty cream with king prawns and olive oil 8.55€
CRUNCHY CHICKEN with mediterranean dressing and mustard sauce 9.95€
CROQUETTES iberico ham; leek; cod or boletus edulis (6 units) 7.95€
MIX OF CROQUETTES iberico ham; leek; cod and boletus edulis (8 units) 9.95€
SPANISH OMELETTE with cheese sauce and iberico ham 12.95€
HUEVOS ROTOS fried eggs with chips and iberico ham 11.95€
GRILLED VEGETABLES Aubergine, tomatoes, endives, mushroom, pumpkin and asparragus with romescu and parmesan cheese 11.55€
BABY SQUIDS with ali oli 10.95€
SALMON TARTAR with avocado, tomato and goat's cheese 14.55€
IBERICO HAM with toast and tomato 18.95€
GOAT'S CHEESE Goat's cheese salad with mango, pistaccio, avocado, toamtoes and sweet mustard vinaigrette 9.95€
RUSSIAN SALAD with king prawns, fried egg and chips 11.95€
MIXED TOMATOES Tomatoes salad with tuna, rocket and onion 11.95€
CESAR Chicken César salad 11.55€
CONFITED COD Confited cod salad with avocado and kalamata olives 12.95€
BOLOGNESE TAGLIATELLE with parmesan cheese 10.95€
CARBONARA TAGLIATELLE truffed with low temperature egg and parmesan cheese 12.95€
MUSHROOM RISOTTO and Idiazabal cheese 11.95€
BLACK RICE with baby crispy squids and ali oli 12.95€
CREAMY RICE with king prawns and baby squids 13.55€
SILVER HAKE with mushroom risotto and herbs oil 15.95€
GRILLED HAKE with iberico green sauce, asparragus and egg 15.95€
TUNA TATAKI with teriyaki sauce and chickpeas hummus 14.95€
GRATINATED COD with garlic and ratatouille 14.95€
GRILLED CONFITED COD with seafood rice and baby squids 14.95€
COD STEAK at bay of Biscay style with mashed potatoes 15.55€
GRILLED SALMON with seasonal vegetables and mediterranean sauce 16.95€
TXOKO BERRIA BURGER* with cheddar cheese, fried egg and ali oli 11.95€
SMOKED BURGER* with lettuce, tomato, smoked mayonnaise, bacon and melted cheese 12.95€
PORK CHEEKS with Rioja Alavesa dressing and potatoes foam 12.95€
GRILLED MARINATED CHICKEN with french fries and canions and parmesan salad 11.95€
FILLED CHICKEN with mushrroms, bechamel and parmesan 12.95€
VEAL RIB STEAK with french fries, red peppers and chimichurri 17.95€
VEAL SIRLOIN DICES with mushrooms, green asparragus and truffle sauce 17.95€
VEAL SIRLOIN with french fries and green salad 19.95€

*100% vacuna gallega homemade meat. With french fries.
STRAWBERRIES with whipped cream 5.25€
HOT APPLE ROLL with mascarpone and vanilla ice cream 5.95€
GOXUA Txoko style 6.55€
WARM BROWNIE with vanilla ice cream 6.55€
CHOCOLATE COULANT with biscuit ice cream 6.55€
CHEESECAKE with almond ice cream 6.95€
CARAMELIZED BREAD PUDDING with cheese ice cream 6.95€

Txoko's menu

The best vegetables of the market, fresh fish and most quality meat arrives every day to our kitchen. Our staff make dially delicious and tasty dishes in Bilbao oldtown.